April 27, 1959
April 27, 1959

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April 27, 1959

Coming Events
Derby Preview
  • Cash pours into 300 windows, at $25,000 per minute, between harness races at Yonkers Raceway where, last week, a world-record one-night handle off $2,531,060 was set. Within seconds after each race, a small army off men and machines has computed prices on the winning horses, and cashiers at 200 other windows begin honoring winning tickets. Here are the steps between morning line and payoff

Harness Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


Cover—Leigh Wiener-LIFE
11—Robert Kniesche-The Sunpapers
12—Cypress Gardens, A.P., Lloyd Flowers-Columbus Citizen, A.P., Alfred Eisenstaedt-LIFE, Notional, Paddle Racket Assn., A.P.
13—Herb Scharfman
16—courtesy Pinkerton's National Detective Agency, Inc. (3), U.P.I.
17—courtesy Pinkerton's National Detective Agency, Inc. (3), Santa Anita Race Track
18—Bert Morgan
26, 28—drawings by Ajay
32, 33—top, Marvin E. Newman, John Hamilton-Globe Photos, U.P.I. (3), Niels Lauritzen-Milwaukee Journal
34—upper left, Mainichi Shimbun
57, 58—A.P.
61—Marvin E. Newman
62—Marvin E. Newman, Niels lauritzen-Milwaukee Journal
68, 69—Myron Davis-LIFE
81—Herb Scharfman (4), John G. Zimmerman (4), Phil Bath.

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