Stormy Passage into the Silent World

April 27, 1959
April 27, 1959

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April 27, 1959

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Derby Preview
  • Cash pours into 300 windows, at $25,000 per minute, between harness races at Yonkers Raceway where, last week, a world-record one-night handle off $2,531,060 was set. Within seconds after each race, a small army off men and machines has computed prices on the winning horses, and cashiers at 200 other windows begin honoring winning tickets. Here are the steps between morning line and payoff

Harness Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back

Stormy Passage into the Silent World

In many areas like the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, where shoals and shores serve to curb the wind and sea, skin-divers usually have easy access to their world. But in the open Pacific, any one of 100 pinpricks of land may get the full force of waves spawned 2,000 miles away. Off the Pacific reefs a diver, like the Fijian in the rare picture above, often must plunge through fury to get to the quiet world. At depths of 20 or 30 feet he can feel each passing wave pull him seaward and push him shoreward. As the following pages show, each wave is a moment of beauty—so long as the diver keeps his distance: for as it topples, in the heart of the foaming wave there is still anger and strength enough to cast the diver back to the reef.

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Above the reef divers of Fiji, the water surface one moment hangs like a sun-flecked canopy, then in an instant the canopy is lifted, twisted and torn apart by the force of a breaking wave