May 04, 1959
May 04, 1959

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May 4, 1959

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  • Palm Springs has erupted into a congress of golf courses to inspire one of the nation's gaudiest real estate booms in the no-longer-lone prairie

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'A family affair'

The three happy men above are two brothers and their cousin about to accept the 37-year-old trophy symbolic of the Intercollegiate Polo Championship. Together they make up Cornell University's indoor polo team, which not only took the collegiate title from Yale, Virginia, Miami and Georgetown, but also captured the Eastern 12-Goal Championship as well—the first time a college club won that hallowed event.

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All three—Bennet Baldwin, Peter Baldwin and Stanley Woolaway—are from Hawaii. "Our father, Richard Baldwin," says Ben, "held a 7-goal rating and started us playing when we were kids. Once you get to love horses nothing else exists. With us it's always been a family affair." When England's Cambridge University issued a challenge Peter Baldwin and Woolaway, along with Yale's George Weymouth and Virginia's Dick Riemenschneider, constituted themselves the U.S. intercollegiate team and on borrowed ponies not only beat Cambridge, but the Duke of Edinburgh's Windsor Park team as well.

Presenting the cup is Mrs. Stephen Roberts, wife of Cornell's longtime polo coach (and professor of veterinary medicine) whose constant enthusiasm and skillful management of what has to be a self-supporting sport has enabled scores of boys to try their hands at one of the world's oldest and fiercest competitive games.