May 25, 1959
May 25, 1959

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May 25, 1959

Wonderful World Of Sport
Events & Discoveries
Baboma Ghana
Horse Racing
Part II: How To Ride A Horse
  • More people are riding for pleasure today than ever before. To encourage others to enjoy this rewarding sport, Gordon Wright, America's foremost teacher of horsemanship, has joined forces with Artist Sam Savitt to explain the fundamentals every prospective rider should know

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


20 What's Wrong with the Yanks?
Suddenly the Yankees are a second-division team. Here are the reasons why

This is an article from the May 25, 1959 issue Original Layout

24 The High and the Mired
Symbolic photographs show Hank Aaron and Casey Stengel in action last week

34 A Pioneer Car Gets Set for Indy
From Indianapolis, Kenneth Rudeen reports how Owner George Salih tunes his car for a record

39 Bob Jones and I Had a Talk...
More letters in the somewhat fictional tour of a young golf pro. By Herbert Warren Wind

44 A Moment of Record
An unusual color photograph of Vaulter Don Bragg breaking the world record. Plus words by Tex Maule

61 Part II: How to Ride a Horse
The fundamentals of horsemanship, from walk to canter, by leading U.S. authority Gordon Wright

72 Israel: Time Out for Fun
Not far from troubled borders a revolution in sport is taking place. A report by Gerald Holland

The departments

4 Coming Events
11 Scoreboard
14 Baseball's Week
24 Wonderful World
30 Events & Discoveries
52 Food
56 Boating
58 Horse Racing
68 Charles Goren
70 Tip from the Top
85 19th Hole
88 Pat on the Back

Cover: Indianapolis

In a painting commissioned specially for this week's cover, Artist Daniel Schwartz portrays the breakneck burst of the cars into the turn at Indianapolis. For a preview of next week's race, see page 34.

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Next week

•A visit with the sporting Coopers—Maria, Rocky and Gary of the movies. Skin-divers, hunters and gourmets supreme, theirs is a rich, varied life away from the public.

•An astonishing group of college golfers led our Walker Cup team to a victory over the British. Herbert Warren Wind reports from Scotland on how and why it happened.

•Stanley Frank reports on the man behind the Pirates, John Galbreath, whose restless energy has helped bring greatness to Ohio State but has not yet been able to solve the enigma of Pittsburgh.