May 25, 1959
May 25, 1959

Table of Contents
May 25, 1959

Wonderful World Of Sport
Events & Discoveries
Baboma Ghana
Horse Racing
Part II: How To Ride A Horse
  • More people are riding for pleasure today than ever before. To encourage others to enjoy this rewarding sport, Gordon Wright, America's foremost teacher of horsemanship, has joined forces with Artist Sam Savitt to explain the fundamentals every prospective rider should know

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


8—Mort Lund
11—Burt Glinn-Magnum, A.P., John G. Zimmerman, Hanson T. Carroll, John G. Zimmerman, W.C. Ziegler, Paul McCreary
21—Arthur Daley
24, 25—Niels Lauritzen-Milwaukee Journal, Arthur Daley
26, 27—Antonio Pirozelli, Ultima Hora (4)
28—Jim Keith
29—Art Shay
30-33—drawings by Ajay
34-36—Art Shay
39-42—drawings by Jack Wolfgang Beck
47—Bill Bell
56—Bill Bridges
58, 59—John G. Zimmerman
70—Stephen Blake

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