Aug. 24, 1959
Aug. 24, 1959

Table of Contents
Aug. 24, 1959

Old Archie
Nice Boys
Motor Sports
Part II The Great MacPhail
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


4—Martin Nathan
7—A.P. (2), U.P.I., Norris Hoyt, Detroit News, R. Petterson-A.B. Text & Bilder, Bob Frye, Smith Barrier
8—Herb Scharfman, John G. Zimmerman
14, 15—Hy Peskin
17—A.P. (2), John G. Zimmerman
18—Beken & Son
24—U.P.I., Chicago Tribune
25—Goteborgs-Bild from Pix, Harry Redl
26, 27—Hans Knopf-Pix
28—Clyde Hare, Ted Polumbaum
32-34—drawings by Ajay
39, 42—maps by William Bernstein
49—Tom Burnside
50—Bill Stone, Tom Burnside (2)
54—Anthony Ravielli
58, 59—Hy Peskin
62, 63—Richard Meek
64—A.P., U.P.I., George Strock-LIFE
66, 67—Richard Meek

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