Miami's Dinner Key marina has long been a favorite fishing spot for the city's youngsters. The other day when construction work put an end to youthful angling off the marina, indignation boiled up in the hearts of the two 11-year-old fishermen shown above. There was no longer any safe place left for children to fish in Miami. Rickenbacker Causeway, the next best spot, was overrun by speeding traffic. Neufeld, the son of a merchant, and Gorchov, whose father runs an advertising agency, canvassed their friends and marched on City Hall with a 40-name petition calling for a fishing area safe for boys. They pleaded with such conviction—"We represent everybody"—that they now can congratulate themselves on a supervised, bulkheaded and fenced fishing hole, soon to be constructed right on Biscayne Bay, where groupers, snappers and mackerel run aplenty.