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Sept. 07, 1959
Sept. 07, 1959

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Sept. 7, 1959

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faces in the crowd...

MME. Jacqueline Auriol, daughter-in-law of ex-president of the French Republic, Vincent Auriol, and women's world airspeed record holder, flew French jet at twice the speed of sound, about 1,350 mph.

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Arnold Riegger, 39, chain-smoking marksman of Castle Rock, Wash., steadied nerves at Grand American trapshoot, splattered 1,422 consecutive clay pigeons over Vandalia, Ohio countryside for world record.

Neil Johnston, 30, Philadelphia Warrior basketball star (three times NBA high scorer) until hobbled by trick knee, achieved his life's ambition when Warriors offered him job as their new head coach.

Nancy Bain of Columbus, N. Mex., as pretty as she is rugged, was first in breakaway roping, first in barrel racing, wound up winning all-round cowgirl title at National High School rodeo in Lewis-town, Mont.

Alfredo Camarero, a television salesman from Argentina, swam 22 miles from Cap Gris Nez, France to Folkestone, England in 11:48:26 despite nine-foot waves, won annual English Channel race over 22 others.

Blaine Wilkinson, 18, of Fullerton, Calif.", set out on bicycle for New York eight weeks ago, found hills as steep as hotel rates, lived largely on pancakes, reached destination with firm resolve to hitchhike home.

Charles Upchurch of Atlanta sent finely tuned six-pound model car skittering around scaled-down track at 153 mph, won the American Model Race Car Assn. national championship at Belleville, Ill.