Sept. 07, 1959
Sept. 07, 1959

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Sept. 7, 1959

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'Just like Dad and Uncle Dominic'

There is a DiMaggio playing center field for Pittsburg again. This DiMaggio, however, is not Vince, former Pittsburgh Pirates center fielder and the oldest of the great baseball brothers, but his daughter Joanne who, "just like Dad," holds down that position for the Pittsburg, Calif. Travelers, a hot softball outfit that has just qualified for the North Pacific regional tournament.

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Joanne, the mascot of the Stockton Ports when her father managed that California League team a decade ago, has been playing softball for 10 years, also stars as a basketball guard in the Oakland Women's Industrial League. She used to bat clean-up but now prefers to lead off "like Uncle Dominic." Her opponents consider her one of the best lead-off batters in the league; in four recent games she, hit .545. With Vince living close by and Uncles Joe and Dominic available for advice, there may yet be a third-generation DiMaggio on the baseball diamond, for Joanne now has a six-months-old son.