Sept. 14, 1959
Sept. 14, 1959

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Sept. 14, 1959

Wood Nymphs
Happy Man
  • His other missions accomplished, a famous salaried American who has had an unusually busy summer takes time off for a traditional Labor Day holiday and, to his own undisguised satisfaction, tests an unfamiliar linkside course in Scotland

A Delightful Show
When Casey Quit
Events & Discoveries
Horse Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


'I got golf for my birthday'

Golfing girl, 10, shows confidence of Hogan ran the headline on a Washington Evening Star report of the recent USGA girls' junior golf championship. The girl, Vicky Jenssen, a pigtailed youngster from Great Barrington, Mass., had gone 19 holes to defeat her first opponent, and the calm manner in which she handled that crucial extra hole reminded the reporter of one of golfdom's greats playing the Masters.

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Vicky lost her next round, but from then on she charmed players and spectators alike by patrolling the course under a big umbrella earnestly and thoughtfully answering questions on golf. "My father gave me golf for my ninth birthday," she told one questioner. Did that mean she was given a set of clubs? "No," insisted the philosophical youngster, explaining in the simplest and most direct way she knew that the doors of a new and wonderful world had now been opened for her: "No, he gave me golf."