Oct. 12, 1959
Oct. 12, 1959

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Oct. 12, 1959

World Series
Thundering Herd
Pro Football
Horse Show
How To Beat Snead
  • A hacker named Harry settles down in his den and, aided by a bottle of brandy and a clear memory of his best strokes, faces Ol' Sam on TV—and licks him. You can try the same thing Saturday, when Sam meets Gary Player in the first match of the 1959-60 All-Star series (ABC-TV, 5 p.m. E.D.T.)

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


'Be your own boss'

One version of the big-city dream is to chuck it all, move into real country and work for yourself. For Ralf Coykendall, a onetime oil company promotion man, this aim has become solid reality largely because Coykendall was able to turn a hobby—duck shooting—into a thriving business of manufacturing what many gunners consider to be the finest waterfowl decoys available.

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Raised with guns and dogs, and a good man with his hands, Coykendall three years ago set up shop in a large barn in Weston, Conn., installed some wood-working equipment and started to turn out decoys which incorporate the best of ideas and workmanship culled from a lifetime of studying waterfowl and from his own collection of antique decoys whittled by oldtime market hunters. His decoys come in sets of eight: five drakes and three hens in different and characteristic poses. The demand for them by sportsmen all over the country is so clamorous that Coykendall has had to move to a roomier plant. Says he happily: "To be one's own boss; to work with your hands at something you love and to see it a success is the most pleasant feeling imaginable."