Oct. 19, 1959
Oct. 19, 1959

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Oct. 19, 1959

New Putter
Texas Delight
World Series
Wonderful World Of Sports
Pro Football
Horse Racing
Tip From The Top
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


20 Double Delight for Dallas
Kenneth Rudeen reports on an exciting football weekend deep in the heart of Texas

This is an article from the Oct. 19, 1959 issue

24 Spectacle: A View from the Field
Football action at shoulder-pad level; a hand-off, a fumble, a skirt around end—photographed in color

30 A New Kind of Series
The talent was thin, but the thrills were thick and the Dodgers won because they wouldn't fold

34 'Twas Saint Crespin's Day
Europe and Ernest Hemingway bend their gazes on the crowning horse race of the Paris season

39 Royal Swings and Golfing Kings
Sweden's Gustav and Belgium's Baudouin display their prowess on green and fairway

48 Racing for Safety
Connecticut's ingenious road track at Lime Rock also serves as a laboratory for highway drivers

63 Three Men on a Horse
A trio of smooth-talking men have a lot to do with the monetary success of America's top jockeys

66 You Have Rights under the Rules
The Rules of Golf seem like a straitjacket to some, but Joe Dey insists they can be a help, too

80 When You See This, Act!
The bird band is a vital aid to science. Gilbert Cant tells you why, and what to do if you find one

The departments

11 Scoreboard
14 Football's 4th Week
18 Coming Events
33 Wonderful World
42 Events & Discoveries
56 Pro Football
60 Food
62 Charles Goren
63 Horse Racing
66 Golf
76 Tip from the Top
78 Nature
93 19th Hole
96 Pat on the Back

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Cover: Lime Rock

During Lime Rock's Little Le Mans, small economy cars break for the lead. For more on this Connecticut course, with its unique events and rare purpose, turn to page 48.

Photograph by Richard Meek


Next week

•The college football story continues, with on-the-spot reports of the big games and top stars—like Notre Dame's George Izo—plus action shots in color and black and white.

•The debut of Wilt Chamberlain highlights the new probasketball season. Jeremiah Tax previews all the NBA teams and Wilt's coming duel with the Celtics' Bill Russell.

•They see action-packed football in Canada and Australia, too. We tell the story of U.S. stars who go north and—in full color—of the wild, rugged game played down under.