Oct. 19, 1959
Oct. 19, 1959

Table of Contents
Oct. 19, 1959

New Putter
Texas Delight
World Series
Wonderful World Of Sports
Pro Football
Horse Racing
Tip From The Top
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


4—Lester Liss
11—National Jockeys Hall of Fame, Bermuda News Bureau
13—Bob Williams-Memphis Commercial Appeal, John G. Zimmerman, George Leavens, Cordinali Studio, Sport & General, NASCAR, Keystone
22, 23—Des Moines Sunday Register, Mickey Creager News Sentinel, Marvin E. Newman
25—Richard Meek
26, 27—John G. Zimmerman
28—Hy Peskin
30—John G. Zimmerman
31—Stan Wayman-LIFE
32—Hy Peskin
33—George Long
34, 35—P. Bertrand, Paris-Match
36—Stu Whelan
39—U.P.I., Central Press-Pictorial (2)
45, 46—drawings by Ajay
57—Richard Meek
61—Jon Brenneis
63—Bert and Richard Morgan, Phil Bath, John G. Zimmerman
66—Garry Winogrand, USGA
68—Mark Kauffman
75—Bill Young-San Francisco Chronicle
76—Anthony Ravielli
80—William J. Jahoda-National Audubon Society
81, 83—Wallace Kirkland-LIFE
82—G. Ronald Austing-National Audubon Society
84, 85—illustration by Charles Gottlieb
96—Schaefer & Seawell-Black Star

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