A man with two tickets on the 50-yard line for the big game is a proud and envied individual. He has the equivalent of two on the aisle, fourth row orchestra, for a musical smash like Gypsy. But this fortunate man will never be able to get right out onto the field to hear the whack of thundering lines and see the swift backs as if they were in his living room or note with clarity how joy, anguish, determination and surprise chase each other across the players' faces as the triumphs and misfortunes of the game make their respective marks. Actually, he might not want to be out on the field; referees have on occasion been blocked and trampled. But the camera loaded with color film can transport the spectator into the action with absolute safety, as it does on the following pages. We can almost reach out and touch the precise Pitt quarterback, Ivan Toncic (opposite), as he hands off behind a strong line charge. We see the fullback's route opening up before him, note the open-mouthed concentration of the green-helmeted Michigan State defender and view the stands as an abstract canvas splattered with blobs of color rather than a sea of distinct individuals in which we are immersed. For a scene as disarranged as the one adjacent is ordered, turn the page: there a fumble has occupied a dozen minds.

Hand-Off Pitt Quarterback Ivan Toncic shoves the ball crisply but coolly to hard-driving back.

Loose ball UCLA men dive for fumble as desperate California player (blue helmet) stares helplessly.

Block Georgia Tech's John Reed (68) takes out two Tennessee tacklers and springs Teammate Cal James for good gain.