THE QUESTION: What do you think of the new Aqueduct? (Asked at the new Aqueduct track)

Oct. 26, 1959
Oct. 26, 1959

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Oct. 26, 1959

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THE QUESTION: What do you think of the new Aqueduct? (Asked at the new Aqueduct track)

Long Beach, N.Y.
Former Middleweight Champion
Boy, this is some layout. Just look at that big colored grandstand and all those good-looking women. I'd say the whole joint is a knockout. But I'd be satisfied with just a couple of winners. You can have the décor. It doesn't put money in my pocket.

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New York City
The tremendous stands are beautiful and virtually perfect, architecturally. You can see your money go from any angle. Somehow or other, the plant reminds me of the First National City Bank. The only difference is that they take your money but don't give you interest.

New York City
Manhattan restaurant owner
I think it's fantastic. But it's so enormous that I'm lost. It's like the Pentagon in Washington, where I got lost for an hour. I was at home at old Aqueduct and in the hot cement of Jamaica. Here it's such a long way from the rail to the $2 window that it discourages me from betting every race.

New York City
Life underwriter
After getting to the stands, I expected to see the colts trot on the field, the Baltimore Colts. Aqueduct is certainly big enough for a football stadium. It would be simple to add enough seats so we could bid for the Army-Navy football game or have the Series out here. Nothing is impossible in a place this big.

Palm Beach, Fla.
The stands are enormously big and certainly will accommodate all the people who want to come. Personally, I miss the charm of Saratoga and Belmont. Those tracks were built primarily for sport. But Aqueduct is all business. It's been labeled the dream track. A better name would be the people's track.

New York City
It's probably the most efficient track in the country. However, it is so new. The charm of Belmont is missing, but I am confident that will come with the years. The stands are already so beautiful that the owners of the houses across from the track have a prettier view than people enjoy in the grandstand.

New York City
Co-owner, Templeton Stables
I find that aside from the spectacular appearance of the park, a great deal has been done for the convenience of the horseplayers. It's about time, because they've given the state and city fantastic sums of money in revenue. There are 34,000 seats all told, many more than the old Aqueduct had.

Westport, Conn.
Secretary, Overseas Press Club
Well, I have to admit I had more fun losing my money at Jamaica's old concrete track. This place is too big for me and a lot of other horseplayers. You don't get the smell of the horse manure, and if you don't, in my opinion, you might as well be betting off track. But the joint is sure beautiful.

Unionville, Pa.
Owner, Rolling Plains Stable
Terrific. They've taken everything into consideration, with every segment of racing people in mind and particular attention to making women feel at home. The result is a very efficient plant. Jim Butler, Ned Lord and the others who have been working on the whole plan deserve a lot of credit.

Middleburg, Va.
Co-owner, W. Haggin Perry Stable
I think Aqueduct is a wonderful operation. The only trouble is it's so big you've got to feel your way around. However, visibility is wonderful from the rail to the turf club and everyone gets to see the horses. The homestretch must be one of the longest in the country, a real test for every race.