New Ski Facilities

Nov. 23, 1959
Nov. 23, 1959

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Nov. 23, 1959

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New Ski Facilities

Sports Illustrated presents a guide to the midwestern ski resorts that have added facilities this year. New trails are followed by their length/drop; new lifts by their length/rise/capacity (skiers per hour). In addition, the guide lists the person and number to call for further information during the season.

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Boyne Mt. Lodge, Boyne Falls: $250,000 spent on area; lodge with 100 beds constructed; 45 chairs added to 3 existing chair lifts; 2 trails cut, both 2,400/500. Tel. Chuck Moll, Boyne Falls 20.

Brule Mt., Iron River: 4,000-foot south slope, Loop-the-Loop, cleared; Pierre Chavin has returned after sabbatical year at Sun Valley to head ski school. Tel. Tom Angeli, Iron River 650.

Caberfae, Cadillac: Dopplemayr T bar 1,250/260/1,000 installed. Franz Gabl, a former Canadian Olympic coach, directs the ski school. Tel. Fred Bocks, Cadillac, Prospect 5-2676.

Grampian Mt., Oxford: $15,000 Pomalift 1,000/100/1,000 installed. Tel. Joe Kosick, Oxford, Federal 5-0819.

Hidden Valley, Gaylord: Double chair lift 1.380/270/850 added by Otsego Ski Club; admission by membership only. Tel. Ken Fisher, Gaylord, 3001.

Holiday Hills, Traverse City: Gunnar Samson now heads ski school. Hall T bar 1,000/160/800 added. Tel. Traverse City Chamber of Commerce, WI 7-5075.

Mt. Frederick, Frederic: New area; 8 1,000-foot slopes; 3 1,000-foot T bars all with 200-foot drop; 5 rope tows; two-story clubhouse has snack bar and ski shop. Tel. Al Almon, Gaylord, 1-2060.

Nub's Nob, Cross Village: Delayed almost a year by weather and construction problems, area now ready to open; double chair 1,900/450/800; 3 rope tows; 6 runs; 96-room lodge. Tel. Norm Sarns, Harbor Springs 50.

Walloon Hills, Walloon Lake: Roebling T bar 1,655/340/900 constructed. Tel. Donald Barrett, Walloon Lake, Kellogg 1-2702.


Lookout Mt., Virginia: Rope tow added to existing double chair lift; trails cut include very short expert, expert 2,000/300, beginner 4,000/200. Tel. Don Schwartz, Virginia, Sherwood 9-1510.

Lutsen Resort, Lutsen: Recently completed Pomalift 2,640/640/660 opens two new runs 4,800/640, 2,000/500; chalet enlarged. Tel. George Nelson Jr., Lutsen, Mohawk 3-7551.

Terry Peak Ski Area, Deadwood: Chair lift redesigned; 2 new shelters built; beginners' trail 2,600/800 cut. Tel. Nell Perrigoue, Deadwood Chamber of Commerce, 76.


Camp Ten, Rhinelander, Tomahawk: New area, named for one of the abandoned logging camps of the 1920s; Hall T bar 1,200/225/1,000; 5 1,300-to-1,800 trails: an intermediate and novice slope; base shelter has cafeteria and ski shop. Tel. John Bernsteen, Rhinelander, Forest 2-2620.

Gander Mt., Wilmot: Snow making equipment installed; Poma 1,150/180/800 just completed. Tel. Dan Stassheim, Wilmot, AL 1-4512.

LaCrosse, LaCrosse: Area scheduled to open December 20 with Poma 1,300/200/400. Tel. Ted Motshman, LaCrosse, 4-8653.

Mt. Telemark, Cable: Chicago American Youth Hostel built a 50-bed lodge on land donated by Owner Tony Wise; nearby Lakewood resort has added heated pool for guests. Tel. Tony Wise, Haywood, 254.

Wilmot Ski Hills, Wilmot: 2 T bars 1,000/180/1,200, 1,000/130/1,200 added to the area. Tel. Walter Stopa, Wilmot, Underhill 2-2721.


Loch Lomond Ski Area, Fort William: A neighboring hill has new T bar 2,200/650/400 completed for beginners' slope. Tel. Bill Irwin, Fort William 2-6995.

Blue Mountain Resorts, Collingwood: Poma double chair lift 3,500/720/1,000 installed on O Hill. Tel. Jose Weider, Collingwood 180 Wl.

PHOTOSKIERS pause before running down open slope at Holiday Hills near Traverse City, Mich. Traverse added a 1,000-foot lift that will handle up to 800 people an hour.