Dec. 07, 1959
Dec. 07, 1959

Table of Contents
Dec. 7, 1959

Basketball Schedules
Footloose Sportsman
Seven Shockers
The Old Quarterback
Boxing's Hunt
Jump Spin Around
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


4—John G. Zimmerman (3), Marvin E. Newman (3), Hy Peskin (3), Evan Peskin
7—U.P.I., St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Bob Mayette, Rodeo Sports News, Keystone
18—Hy Peskin
19—Arthur Daley
23—Doug Kennedy-Miami Herald
24—Farrell Grehan
25—Gilbert A. Milne, AP.
26, 28—drawings by Ajay
40-74—drawings by Jerome Kuhl
40—Wil Blanche
41, 42—Martin Iger
45—Lon Garcia
50—Mack Hughes
53—Tom Grimm
56—Herb Workman
62, 63—Richard Clarkson
64—Charles R. Coney
66—George Bettridge
74—Stuart B. Hertz
75—Joseph Ognibene
100, 101—A.P., Arthur Daley (3)
102—Ben Martin-TIME, U.P.I.
116—Bob & Ira Spring

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