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Dec. 14, 1959
Dec. 14, 1959

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Dec. 14, 1959

Alpine Assembly
Classic Rematch
Wonderful World Of Sport
Watsons At Stowe
  • In Vermont's Green Mountains, at the famous ski resort of Stowe, Tom Watson Jr. built a ski lodge for his family that serves the twin purposes of sport and home. Here is an intimate look at the Watson domain

Golf Carts
College Football
Sport For Art's Sake
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back

faces in the crowd...

General Douglas Mac Arthur received gold medal of Football Foundation for his lifelong support of the game, made memorable acceptance speech in rare public appearance in New York (see page 26).

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Ben Schwartzwalder, 50, Syracuse football chief voted Coach of the Year in poll of other coaches, ended season undefeated when his Orangemen took on UCLA in Los Angeles, romped over them for 36-8 victory.

Frank Northcutt, 17-year-old jockey from Covington, Kentucky, became year's leading apprentice after guiding home 259 winners from time he climbed aboard his first Thoroughbred runner last December.

Margarethe Bertelson, 18-year-old brunette beauty from Pasadena City College, triumphed over other comely candidates from her school when named queen of next month's Tournament of Roses in Pasadena.

Wally Froiseth, 39, Hawaiian fire inspector, took to the boards in International Surfing Championships at Makaha Beach, Hawaii (see page 22), proved he could stay on top, came in first in men's senior event.

Neale Fraser, 26, Australian tennis hero who carried Davis Cup home with him this fall, delighted his fellow countrymen who want to hold on to it by turning down $40,500 offer from Jack Kramer to turn pro.

Vladimir Kuts, 32, outstanding distance runner (world records for 5,000 and 10,000 meters) who took two gold medals for Russia in 1956 Olympics, retired from competition to coach Russian team for 1960 Olympics.