Dec. 21, 1959
Dec. 21, 1959

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Dec. 21, 1959

Wild Town
Long Push
Scouting Reports
Too Good For Ducks?
Rome: The Olympic Anniversary
Rome: The Olympic Year
Silver Anniversary
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


The News of the Week

This is an article from the Dec. 21, 1959 issue

18 Jack Brabham walks to victory at Sebring
21 The Colts and Giants get set for the playoff
22 Ike learns in Asia, Dawkins shows England
24 The facts on how the Stilt knocks 'em dead

26 Bountiful Bowls
A preview of the games, the teams, the players

37 Is Tule Too Good for Ducks?
A vital stopover on the Pacific flyway is threatened

40 How to Watch a Rodeo
A champion explains a little-understood sport

53 Rome: The Olympic Year
54 The nocturnal city, in color by Dmitri Kessel
72 A feast in Rome, by Samuel Chamberlain
78 Italy's enchanting islands by Horace Sutton

88 The Silver Anniversary All-America
SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S annual career awards

106 Goren's New Quiz
A Christmas special for the bridge buff

111 The Babe Ruth Papers
Yankee documents reveal the turbulence of his life

121 Christmas Card Quiz
Seasonal mail takes over in the 19TH HOLE

The departments

9 Scoreboard
12 Basketball's Week
34 Events & Discoveries
121 19th Hole

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