Jan. 25, 1960
Jan. 25, 1960

Table of Contents
Jan. 25, 1960

Seven Feet Up
Wonderful World Of Sport
Wonderful World Of The Sport
Events & Discoveries
Horse Racing
Pro Football
Tip From The Top
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


5—Jerry Cooke, Bob Fellows, Fran Duval, A.P., Richard Meek, Bob Child, Howard DeWald
6—Lexington Herald-Leader
16, 17—Herb Scharfman
23—Photo Max, Virendra Kumar
26, 30—drawings by Ajay
38, 39—Fair Grounds Racetrack (2)
45—map by Bill Charmatz
46, 47—Evan Peskin
50, 51—Lou Witt, Bill Bridges, Pat Coffey, James F. Coyne, Ed Bailey
52—John Mazziotta, V. Thoma Kersh
54—DeVere Helfrich
55—Leo Hartford
56, 59—Wallace Kirkland-LIFE
57—Ken Heyman-LIFE
58—Mrs. Homai Vyarawalla-LIFE
60—Tony Triolo
61—A.P., U.P.I.
62—William Sumits-LIFE
66—Flip Schulke-Black Star

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