Feb. 22, 1960
Feb. 22, 1960

Table of Contents
Feb. 22, 1960

The Bosporus
Masters Of Endurance
Telltale Hoofs
Wonderful World Of Sport
The Konradses
Olympian Etiquette
Horse Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


4—Walter Daran
5—Holley Studios, A.P., Max Coan, U.P.I. (2), European
6—Harry Redl
10—Richord Meek, Edmund Y. Lee
11—Farrell Grehan
12—Herb Schorfman, Marvin E. Newman, Farrell Grehan
13—James Drake
14, 15—Flip Schulke-Black Star
24—David Potts
32, 34—drawings by Ajay
35, 36—Joern Gerdts-LIFE
42, 43—Bradley Smith
50—Bert and Richard Morgan
51—Bob Mayette
52—drawing by Robert Riger
54, 55—Coles Phinizy
57, 58—illustrations by Jack Kunz
59—"We Come from the Sea" by Hans Hass, Doubleday & Co., Inc.
60—Coles Phinizy
61—Jan Hahn-Oceanographic Institution
62—Bob Miller-Brisbane Courier Mail
65—Ernest Peterson-Farm Journal

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