March 07, 1960
March 07, 1960

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March 7, 1960

Inalienable Dog
Horse Racing
Spring Training Diary
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


14 The Games Were the Best
No Olympics ever produced more excitement or pure fun than the VIII Winter Games at Squaw Valley

This is an article from the March 7, 1960 issue

24 Spectacle: Life in the Sun
The many moods of training in Florida are presented in color by Artist Marc Simont

31 O Ebbets Field!
A remembrance in blank verse as the wreckers move in. By Alden Clarke

36 It's Bally Ache
The colt's solid win in the Flamingo stamps him as the Eastern favorite for the Kentucky Derby

45 Listen to the Mockingbird?
In Pennsylvania angry bird lovers have heard just about enough of it. By John O'Reilly

48 Spring: The Sporting Look
An exclusive preview of styles that bridge the gap between winter chill and desert heat

62 Consider It Came from Me
Solly Hemus speaking—and Pitcher Jim Brosnan writing it down in a unique spring training diary

The departments

4 Scoreboard
7 Coming Events
9 Basketball's Week
30 Events & Discoveries
36 Horse Racing
40 Basketball
45 Nature
60 Charles Goren
71 19th Hole
76 Pat on the Back

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Cover: Spring training

Down south, baseball men by the hundreds are loosening up their muscles. Marc Simont, an artist with a wry humor, records some of the tradition-hallowed rites of the season.


Next week

•A boom in family bowling is enriching two American corporations and a host of sports celebrities. A report in color of a social revolution on colorful lanes of the bright new era.

•The national basketball championships are coming up. Jeremiah Tax scouts the leading contenders, from California's defending Bears to Cincinnati and dark horse NYU.

•Ex U.S. Diplomat Charles Thayer went hunting in the U.S.S.R. at the invitation of Premier Khrushchev. His report tells a lot about game—and more about the Russians.