16 Screwballs First and Last
Two horses with a reputation for oddness dominated, in different ways, the famous Santa Anita Derby

18 "Now I Can Beat Those Chaps"
Distance Runner Al Lawrence is flying home to Australia to show what he learned in the U.S.

20 Game Tests for Gun Dogs
In Alabama and Tennessee the annual field trials brought out some splendid performances

22 Kibitzers Mime a Master
When Bridge Master Charles Goren faces a puzzling hand his sympathetic watchers suffer, too

34 Spring Buds and Baseball
Once again the training camps are green with the promise of new bloom and a few weeds

39 Test of the Nation's Best
Basketball's NCAA tournament pairs 25 colleges who compete for the national championship

50 Swinging Down the Lane
Bowling alleys are lanes now, and the whole family is using them. A report in color by Farrell Grehan

62 If Trout could Talk...
...they would have some surprising revelations for fishermen who think they know it all

74 A Very Soviet Stag Party
Ex-Diplomat Charles Thayer goes hunting in the Crimea and finds the rules of the game a bit different

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13 Basketball's Week
15 Coming Events
22 Wonderful World
31 Events & Discoveries
47 Boxing
55 Baseball
60 Food
62 Fishing
66 Charles Goren
70 Ski Tip
83 19th Hole
88 Pat on the Back

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Cover: Family bowling

Bowling alleys of today are clean, bright and modern, and the sport's strong appeal to the family trade has made it one of the country's most popular activities (see page 50).

Photograph by Richard Meek


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•Maurice (The Rocket) Richard leads Montreal toward its fifth straight Stanley Cup. A portrait of a proud and brooding champion whose greatest adversary now is age.

•Photographer Richard Meek captures in color the serene charm which has made the South Carolina town of Aiken an ideal horsy winter resort for more than 70 years.

•How do Negroes in baseball like the game, the fans, white players—each other? In an unprecedented report Robert Boyle provides the answers to these and other questions.