16 The Negro in Baseball
Star on a spotlit stage, he still lives in a private world. A vivid report by Robert Boyle

22 Surviving an Avalanche
A Utah snow ranger lives through one at Alta that he made himself

28 Spectacle: Aiken Charm
South Carolina's famous winter community, blends serenity with sport. In color

39 Up for Grabs in the Cow Palace
Basketball's four top teams shoot for the national championship in San Francisco

47 One Beer for The Rocket
At 38, ice hockey's Maurice Richard watches his weight and his temper. By Gilbert Rogin

53 What Is Your Golf I.Q.?
There are changes in the 1960 rules that could affect your game. How well do you know them?

62 Miseries of the Moose
Bill Skowron of the Yankees is a slugging first baseman, but he's better known for his injuries

64 A Bonnie Whirlwind
Bonnie Prudden launches Pittsburgh's fitness campaign with some round-the-clock lessons

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53 Golf
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64 Fitness
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85 19th Hole
88 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 9

Cover: Maurice Richard

After 18 intense seasons, the superstar of the Montreal Canadiens is a little tired, a little old, but he is still hockey's whirlwind (see page 47).

Painting by Russell Hoban


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