March 28, 1960
March 28, 1960

Table of Contents
March 28, 1960

Table of Contents
Ron And Don
  • By Robert Boyle

    Training together on a secluded California beach are an Irishman and an American with a common aim—to beat Australia's Herb Elliott to an Olympic medal at Rome

Events & Discoveries
The Art of Fishing with the Wet Fly PART I
  • On eastern streams and on the wilder waters of the West, Angler James Leisenring, who died in 1951, was known as a master of wet-fly fishing. In this issue, Leisenring's old friend and companion angler, Vernon Hidy, in collaboration with Champion Fly Caster Johnny Dieckman and Artist Anthony Ravielli, begins a three-part series on Leisenring's trout-tested techniques based on many lessons learned from him at streamside

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


20 Deadeye Buckeyes
Ohio State's sharpshooters won the NCAA college basketball title going away

This is an article from the March 28, 1960 issue

22 Ron and Don by the Sea
Milers Delany and Bowden are training à la Herb Elliott on the beaches of California

32 Hope in Detroit
On water skis and in thermal snuggies, Nancy Rideout gives promise of a new season

39 A Whole Land
An editorial examination of the sense that lies in taking care of the land we live on

40 Case Against Sentimentality
Indulgent owners of savage dogs gel a lesson from a violent death in New Jersey

42 College Hockey's Best
Denver, victor over Michigan Tech, may be the top college team of all time

44 Fine Art of Falling
Jumping with the parachute has now developed into a spectacular sport. In color

50 Part I: Wet Fly Fishing
In text and drawings, the secrets of a master fisherman, the late James Leisenring

72 Part I: A New Human Science
Man, not nature, is the true subject of conservation. Beginning a provocative series

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12 Scoreboard
13 Basketball's Week
17 Coming Events
28 Wonderful World
34 Events & Discoveries
62 Baseball
65 Charles Goren
66 Tip from the Top
68 Food
85 19th Hole
90 Pat on the Back

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Cover: A treat for anglers

The many facets of an angler's art are presented in a memorable series on the art of fishing with the wet fly as it was practiced and perfected by the late James Leisenring.


Next week

•Artist Daniel Schwartz has captured the feeling and the tenseness of the prestige-laden Masters. In color, a portfolio of the golf course and the men who play in the tournament.

•From Sebring, Fla., Alfred Wright reports on America's foremost sports car race—a 12-hour test of skill and endurance for many of the best cars and drivers in the world.

•In the second part of his survey of conservation in the U.S., Henry Romney presents the detailed and exclusive story of one state's practical plan for social conservation.