March 28, 1960
March 28, 1960

Table of Contents
March 28, 1960

Table of Contents
Ron And Don
  • By Robert Boyle

    Training together on a secluded California beach are an Irishman and an American with a common aim—to beat Australia's Herb Elliott to an Olympic medal at Rome

Events & Discoveries
The Art of Fishing with the Wet Fly PART I
  • On eastern streams and on the wilder waters of the West, Angler James Leisenring, who died in 1951, was known as a master of wet-fly fishing. In this issue, Leisenring's old friend and companion angler, Vernon Hidy, in collaboration with Champion Fly Caster Johnny Dieckman and Artist Anthony Ravielli, begins a three-part series on Leisenring's trout-tested techniques based on many lessons learned from him at streamside

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


Cover—Richard Jeffery (5), Anthony Rovielli (3), Roman Vishniac
11—Tony Triolo
12—George Thompson-Tampa Tribune, U.P.I., Shelburne, Ball State News Bureau, Leo Tierney-Boston Daily Record
22-27—Fred Lyon from Rapho-Guillumette
37, 38—drawings by Ajay
39—Mark Kauffman
40—New York Mirror
51—Anthony Ravielli
62—Herb Scharfman
66—Stephen Blake
70—Jon Brenneis
75—Joe Kaufman
80, 81—Arthur D. Trottenberg-Harvard Alumni Bulletin (2), George Woodruff (4)
90—Lee Balterman

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