TRACK & FIELD—Stepping into the shot-put circle at Los Angeles meet, Southern Cal's Dallas Long—who nearly missed the event by oversleeping—carefully cradled 16-pound ball under his chin, wagged his head, sucked in a deep breath and hurled the weight a wondrous 64 feet, 6½ inches. Only moments before Dave Davis of Los Angeles had given impetus to Long's effort by himself tossing one 63 feet 10½ inches. Both Long and Davis thereby exceeded world mark of 63 feet 10 inches. "I am sure 70 feet is possible in the next few years," said a jubilant Long. "Yes, you could consider that my ultimate goal."

BOXING—The Golden Gloves championships ended in Madison Square Garden with Chicago taking the team title 12-4 over New York. Outstanding fighter and top Olympic prospect was Cassius Marcellus Clay VI, an 18-year-old high school senior from Louisville, who won a third-round TKO in the heavyweight division. Clay attributed his winning style to four boxers. "I copied my left hook from Floyd Patterson," said Clay, "my infighting from Ray Robinson, my backpedaling from Hurricane Jackson and my shuffle from Kid Gavilan."

Jeffrey Davis, of Mobile, Ala., scored fastest victory of the evening, won 175-pound title in 37 seconds of the first round with stunning right to the jaw.

SWIMMING—Records fell like shattered glass in the NCAA championships at Dallas. In 16 events 13 records were broken. Double winners were Charles Bittick (see Faces) and Indiana's Mike Troy. Troy splashed the 100 and 200-yard butterfly in 53.1 and 1:57.8; Lance Larson, Southern Cal, swam 200-yard individual medley in 2:03.2; Ron Clark, Michigan, swam 200-yard breaststroke in 2:17.6, all for American, NCAA and meet records. Southern Cal won its first NCAA title, upset Michigan 87-73.