April 25, 1960
April 25, 1960

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April 25, 1960

Giants' New Home
The Shotput
Design Awards
Very Old And Quite British
Horse Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


12"Moppie" Overpowers a Sailor
A revolutionary new boat breaks the Miami-Nassau record and converts CarletonMitchell

This is an article from the April 25, 1960 issue

16 Wind, Mai Taiand Sam Jones
A rousing crowd was on hand to greet the San Francisco Giants in windyCandlestick Park

18 End of CollegeBoxing
Charlie Mohr's tragic death after an NCAA bout may well destroy the sport. ByMartin Kane

22 Big Treat inNew York
Foreign and domestic cars in dazzling variety go on display at theInternational Auto Show

27 The ShotputExplosion
Parry O'Brien, long the world's best, depends on senior-citizen psych to holdoff competition

35 Winners of Our1960 Elections
Frilly sportswear and knitted suits bring their designers the annual SIDAtrophies

42 Very Old andQuite British
The camera of Brian Seed catches the flavor and fascination of the ancientsport of coursing

48 Spectacle: AirForce Academy
On the playing fields of Colorado Springs young airmen master at least nineteam sports

70 Part II: TheHaunted Major
The Great Match itself produces anguish, horror and a surprise ending. ByRobert Marshall


6 Scorecard
8 Coming Events
11 Editorial
52 Hockey
58 Food
60 Horse Racing
68 Charles Goren
84 For the Record
85 19th Hole
88 Pat on the Back

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Cover: DallasLong

This huge youngman is a key figure in the sudden raft of record performances in the shotput.Second-best now, Long may soon lead all the others. See story on page 27.

Photograph byErnst Haas

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•A preview by Whitney Tower of the 86th running of theKentucky Derby and, in color, a portfolio of brilliant Churchill Downspaintings by Artist Morton Roberts.

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