Sail Ho!

May 02, 1960
May 02, 1960

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May 2, 1960

New Season
Deadly Spray
The Derby
Fitness From The Cradle
  • The week of May 1 to 7 has been designated by President Eisenhower as National Youth Fitness Week, and the happy family shown at right is making its own special and significant contribution to it. They have been chosen by Sports Illustrated and Bonnie Prudden to introduce a new program that will help American parents to build a fit generation of children right in their own home—from babyhood on

Water Polo
Sporting Hollywood
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back

Sail Ho!

Running before a 30-knot wind on San Francisco Bay, the skipper of the yawl Baruna commanded the spinnaker lowered away. As the wire halyard suspending the balloonlike sail began to pay out, the crewman on the other end lost control of the winch. Anguished were the cries that arose that instant, but steadfast was the breeze. Not even pausing for breath, it carried the sail, ripping and shredding, gloriously downwind. The time it took Baruna's crew to hack the boat clear of her sodden spinnaker lost her a race to an old rival, her queenly sister yawl Bolero.

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Not that it overly mattered. Out last week for another try, Baruna, with all canvas intact, lost once more. That was proof that Bolero, designed a decade ago by Olin Stephens specifically to beat Baruna (an earlier Stephens creation), was still being true to her charter.