June 20, 1960
June 20, 1960

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June 20, 1960

The Big Fight
French Thought
Hero Of Many Moods
Testing Venture
  • A month of arduous sport on a rugged English moor teaches self-confidence and teamwork to youthful volunteers from 13 countries

Horse Shows
Harness Racing
Horse Racing
Amiable Gorilla
  • In an unprecedented experiment, a young scientist and his wife set out to share the daily life of giant gorillas in Africa's mountains. Here is the exclusive story of what they found—plus the first close-up pictures ever made of gorillas in their native wild

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


16 Why Ingo Will Win It Again
Martin Kane and Robert Riger examine Floyd Patterson's battle plan and vote "not proven"

This is an article from the June 20, 1960 issue

26 French Food for Thought
Bridge Editor Charles Goren analyzes the strategy behind France's victory in the Olympiad

28 A Hero of Many Moods
Jimmy Piersall explains the antics that have caused as much excitement as his fine play

36 A Man Kidnaps Canoeing
His son is the Midwest's only paddler, but Ray Dodge got the U.S. championships for his town

42 Testing Venture
A month of rugged training on an English moor teaches self-confidence and teamwork

54 The Death of a King
When Sugar Ray Robinson lost again to Paul Pender a majestic image was extinguished

68 The Amiable Gorilla
In text and pictures, the story of a daring experiment—and its astonishing conclusions

The departments

8 Scorecard
10 Coming Events
12 Editorials
48 Horse Shows
50 Harness Racing
53 Tennis
54 Boxing
56 Boating
61 Horse Racing
77 For the Record
78 Baseball's Week
79 19th Hole
80 Pat on the Back

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Cover: Ingemar Johansson

Sweden's pride, the heavyweight champion, defends his title against the ex-champion, Floyd Patterson, next Monday, weather permitting. For a fight preview see page 16.

Photograph by Mark Kauffman


Next week

•Hurdler Glenn Davis, 1956 Olympic champion, typifies the older American track stars who will vie with the collegians for places on this year's U.S. Olympic track team.

•From the mile-high Cherry Hills golf course in Denver, Herbert Warren Wind reports on the 1960 National Open Championship and one of the finest fields ever assembled.

•Drawing on a half century of experience with champions and beginners, Matt Mann, dean of U.S. swimming coaches, presents his methods for teaching children to swim.