Catch as Catch Can

June 20, 1960
June 20, 1960

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June 20, 1960

The Big Fight
French Thought
Hero Of Many Moods
Testing Venture
  • A month of arduous sport on a rugged English moor teaches self-confidence and teamwork to youthful volunteers from 13 countries

Horse Shows
Harness Racing
Horse Racing
Amiable Gorilla
  • In an unprecedented experiment, a young scientist and his wife set out to share the daily life of giant gorillas in Africa's mountains. Here is the exclusive story of what they found—plus the first close-up pictures ever made of gorillas in their native wild

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back

Catch as Catch Can

The instant Hector Lopez hit the ball, Cleveland's Jimmy Piersall started back toward deep center field (top), running desperately, almost out of control. Near the cinder track, he lunged to his right and made the catch just before slamming against the wall. It was the finest catch in Yankee Stadium since Joe DiMaggio caught a Hank Greenberg drive in 1939.

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