The major sports attractions in West Germany this summer
June 26, 1960

JUNE 23-26 International German Shooting Championships, Wiesbaden.

JUNE 25-26 International Riding Tournament, Cologne.

JUNE 25 Union Horse Race, Cologne.

JUNE 25-26 German Olympic Rowing Trials, Duisberg.

JUNE 25-26 International Canoeing Regatta, Hanover.

JULY 1-10 International CHIO Horse Show, Aachen.

JULY 2 International Frankschild Rowing Regatta, Schweinfurt.

JULY 2-3 German Olympic Diving Trials, Bad Kissingen.

JULY 2-3 International Rowing Regatta, Essen.

JULY 3 German Derby at Horn, Hamburg.

JULY 3-4 German Olympic Boxing Trials, Berlin.

JULY 7-10 International Tennis Tournament, Cologne.

JULY 8-10 International Auto and Motorcycle Races, Nürburg.

JULY 9-10 International Rowing Regatta, Hamburg.

JULY 13-17 International Horse Show, Hamburg.

JULY 14-15 German Olympic Canoeing Trials, Prien.

JULY 16-17 International Model Boat Regatta, Ulm.

JULY 16-17 German University Track and Field Championships, Göttingen.

JULY 16-17 German Amateur Bicycle Racing Championships, Bochum.

JULY 16-17 International Rowing Regatta, Hanover.

JULY 16-17 German Olympic Decathlon Trials, Schweinfurt.

JULY 18-22 Europe Cup Race for 30-sq. Boats, Starnberg.

JULY 18-24 International Golf Tournament, Cologne.

JULY 20-21 German Swimming Championships, Berlin.

JULY 22-24 German Track and Field Championships, Berlin.

JULY 23 International Fencing Matches, Ludwigshafen.

JULY 23-24 International Rowing Regatta, Bad Ems.

JULY 24 International Solitude Race for the Grand Prix of Germany, Stuttgart.

JULY 28-31 Resorts Open Tennis Tournament, Norderney.

JULY 28-AUGUST 10 German Canoeing Festival and Championships, Prien.

JULY 30-31 International Faustball Tournament, Schweinfurt.

JULY 30-31 German Rowing Championships, Duisburg.

JULY 31 Grand Prix of Germany, Nürburg.

AUGUST 1-11 International Tennis Tournament, Hamburg.

AUGUST 6 German Olympic Track and Field Trials, Hanover.

AUGUST 6-7 German Water Polo Championships, Soltau.

AUGUST 7 International Schauinsland Hill Climb, Freiburg im Breisgau.

AUGUST 11-13 German Youth Tennis Championships, Cologne.

AUGUST 13-14 Rhine Cup Sailing Race, Niederwalluf.

AUGUST 13-14 German Junior Track and Field Championships, Kassel.

AUGUST 19-21 Riding and Driving Tournament, Verden.

AUGUST 19-21 German Shooting Championships, Nuremberg.

AUGUST 20 International Track Meet, Germany vs. Switzerland, Freiburg im Breisgau.

AUGUST 27-28 German Archery Championships, Cologne.

AUGUST 28-SEPTEMBER 1 German Senior Tennis Championships, Bad Neuenahr.

AUGUST 28-SEPTEMBER 4 Gala Horse Racing Week, Baden-Baden.

SEPTEMBER 3-4 German Stunt Cycling Championships, Wiesbaden.

SEPTEMBER 4 International 500-km. Race for small cars, Nürburg.

SEPTEMBER 12-17 German Star Class Sailing Championships, Prien.

SEPTEMBER 17 International Track and Field Festival, Hanover.