Record by a Hare

July 04, 1960
July 04, 1960

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July 4, 1960

Double M
Bermuda Race
  • In much the same weather as the 1958 race, but with flatter calms after the start and more violent storms at the finish, Carleton Mitchell and his matchless crew (shown at right) mane uvered the 38-foot 8-inch yawl to an unprecedented third consecutive victory in the Bermuda race. In doing so, they beat a record fleet of 135 of the finest yachts in ocean racing today. Here is Mitchell's own story of "Finisterre's" drive to the island, written from notes and entries made by the author during the 635-mile passage

Horse Racing
Motor Sports
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back

Record by a Hare

First-rate sprinters like Peter Radford are rare in Britain. So, to get the competition he needs, Peter practices against a mechanical rabbit at the dog track near his home town of Walsall. He proved the idea sound recently when he ran 220 yards around a turn in 20.5 seconds, shaving .1 second off the world record held by Andy Stanfield and Ray Norton.

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