July 11, 1960
July 11, 1960

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July 11, 1960

Olympic Heights
Part II Teach Your Child To Swim
  • Two weeks ago Matt Mann, drawing on his 52 years of experience as a swimming coach, began a series of lessons in basic swimming by presenting his simple technique for teaching the crawl stroke. This week Coach Mann continues his instructions by showing how to teach children the backstroke

Horse Shows
Sporting Look
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


16 The OlympicHeights
Three world records and generally superb performances marked last week'strials

This is an article from the July 11, 1960 issue

20 Friday—and NoFight
The disappearance of television's oldest sports show draws a mixed reactionfrom viewers

22 Pork ChopAll-Star
Bud Daley of Kansas City is superstitious about food, but he's the AmericanLeague's best bet

24 Sore Loser atSalt Lake City
Carmen Basilio, beaten by Gene Fullmer, makes a petulant, noisy spectacle ofhimself

26 Exit U.S.
America's chances for a men's singles title at Wimbledon ended abruptly onquarter-finals day

30 'Just Ridinginto Evening'
The tragic story of Billy Fox, for whom life lost meaning after Jake LaMottatook his dive

41 Part II: TeachYour Child to Swim
Matt Mann shows you how to add the backstroke to the crawl. Illustrated by EdVebell

44 Spectacle: Eyein the Sulky
A new photographic technique puts you right in front of the oncoming hoofs

62 Tahiti'sEnchanted Suburbs
Cruising westward from Papeete, Carleton Mitchell finds the lovely Isles belowthe Wind


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12 Coming Events
15 Editorials
48 Boxing
50 Tennis
52 Golf
56 Horse Shows
58 Sporting Look
60 Charles Goren
72 For the Record
73 Baseball's Week
74 19th Hole
76 Pat on the Back

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Cover: JimBeatty

In thisphotograph, made Friday during the 5,000-meter Olympic trial at Palo Alto,Beatty is en route to victory over his eventual teammates, Max Truex and BillDellinger.

Photograph byJohn G. Zimmerman

Next week

•The talent-rich San Francisco Giants, favored by manyto win the pennant, have turned into the most puzzling team in baseball. RobertBoyle penetrates the mystery.

•Herbert Warren Wind reports on the British Open fromScotland's historic St. Andrews, where Arnold Palmer, in the midst of abrilliant season, pursues a "grand slam."

•Jean Paradise and Cartoonist Charles Saxon joinforces for a hilarious commentary on that midsummer phenomenon, the children'scamp of today and yesteryear.