Bug-eyed for Bragg

July 11, 1960
July 11, 1960

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July 11, 1960

Olympic Heights
Part II Teach Your Child To Swim
  • Two weeks ago Matt Mann, drawing on his 52 years of experience as a swimming coach, began a series of lessons in basic swimming by presenting his simple technique for teaching the crawl stroke. This week Coach Mann continues his instructions by showing how to teach children the backstroke

Horse Shows
Sporting Look
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back

Bug-eyed for Bragg

These outflung arms, gaping mouths, popping eyes and clutched heads are the not unpredictable reactions of a group of Americans on seeing a man return from outer space. The re-entrant, descending feet first in the center of the picture, is Don Bragg, photographed as he dropped to earth from his world record pole vault of 15 feet 9¼ inches at the Olympic trials in Palo Alto last week.

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