Sept. 05, 1960
Sept. 05, 1960

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Sept. 5, 1960

Horse Racing
  • By Theodore M. O'Leary

    JoAnne Gunderson won the women's Amateur title, but an unknown girl from Kansas proved the tournament's most upsetting ingredient

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


14 Splendor and Spleen
The Olympic Games opened with pomp and pageantry but quickly produced a furious flap

This is an article from the Sept. 5, 1960 issue

23 The 'Found' Weekend
After six games in 50 hours, the New York Yankees are in the best spot yet to regain the pennant

26 Happy as a Clam
In a photograph with the quality of a painting, four very human nuns go clamming by the shore

32 Mucho Bueno from S√£o Paulo
The new queen of tennis is Maria Bueno, slender, graceful and an all-court performer

36 The Redcoats Are Coming
The British Look is the big news of fall fashions for men and women

44 Part II: The Peak of Storms
After hurling back one daring rush for the summit, Dhaulagiri, the "unclimbable fiend," surrenders

68 The Tiger in Grandma's Lap
When you see a housecat gone wild—even just a little bit wild—shoot him. So says Corey Ford

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COVER: Rafer Johnson leads the U.S. team in the opening ceremonies. Photograph by Jerry Cooke


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