Sept. 19, 1960
Sept. 19, 1960

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Sept. 19, 1960

College Leaders
Young Birds
College Football 1960
Ole Miss
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


The End in Rome

This is an article from the Sept. 19, 1960 issue

20 A barefoot Ethiopian wins the marathon
22 Epic duel in the decathlon
28 Roger Bannister analyzes the 1,500 meters
30 A fine Italian triumph on horseback
31 Three U.S. victories with boxing gloves

33 The Hungry Young Birds
Baltimore's 21-year-old Orioles are making an exciting race against the Yankees for the pennant

36 Low Point for Tennis
The national singles at Forest Hills exposes the nonamateurs' plight

38 AFL Verdict: Not Quite a Hit
Crowds were small and play was ragged as the new league began its season

College Football, 1960

40 FORECAST: Expect a year of wide-open football
42 IN COLOR: A player's close-in view of the game
48 HUMOR: Poet Ogden Nash unveils an odd team
53 SCOUTING REPORTS: Appraisals of the U.S.'s best
116 OLE MISS: Lovely women and winning football

The departments

6 Scorecard
11 Coming Events
14 Editorials
99 Nature
111 Boxing
129 Olympic Scoreboard
141 Football's Week
144 Baseball's Week
145 19th Hole
148 Pat on the Back

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COVER: Syracuse's Lois Goetz cheers the country's No. 1 team. Photograph by Marvin E. Newman


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