Sept. 26, 1960
Sept. 26, 1960

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Sept. 26, 1960

Thoroughbred Racing
Baltimore Bubble
High Level
A Brave Challenge
National Football League Preview
College Football
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


14 Baltimore's Bubble Bursts
The Yankees finished off the Orioles in their head-on battle for the pennant. A report by Roy Terrell

This is an article from the Sept. 26, 1960 issue

23 High-level Strategy
Oregon State Coach Tommy Prothro called the plays from the press box and saw his team upset USC

28 Young Men on a Spree
Some of the best golfers at the National Amateur were in their teens or barely older

30 A Brave Challenge Fails
Donald Campbell swerved out of his lane and wrecked his chances for a new speed record

35 The Ultimate Hazard
Rex Lardner tells why he thinks women should "stay the hell off the golf course"

National Football League Preview

44 Fancy football will be in fashion
53 Fullback Jim Brown reveals his secrets
58 Scouting Reports on all the teams

78 Thoroughbred of Desserts
Parisian Hostess and Turfwoman Suzy Volterra enters a winner in the luncheon stakes

80 Old Pals in a Cold Wind
An autopsy on the San Francisco Giants explains the death of a dream

The departments

8 Scorecard
12 Editorials
66 College Football
72 Boating
76 Charles Goren
79 Food
90 For the Record
92 Baseball's Week
93 19th Hole
96 Pat on the Back

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Bob Schloredt, Washington's multitalented quarterback, is as good as he is modest. His sure arm and the Huskies' powerhouse line help make Coach Jim Owens a winner.