Oct. 03, 1960
Oct. 03, 1960

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Oct. 3, 1960

World Series
Surf Fishing
  • Neither rain nor sleet nor dark threats from his wife can stay the dogged surf fisherman from the slow completion of his appointed—and often fruitless—rounds. Buffeted by the waves, perplexed by the weather, baffled by the fish, he plods nightly to the sea, full of hope and neuroses

College Football
  • By Robert Boyle

    Northwestern's experienced backs and green line led the Big Ten back to the top, a Texas halfback straightened out and Lehigh's engineers turned the pressure on Delaware

Pro Football
Harness Racing
Baseball Music
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


18 Beat 'Em, Bucs!
Roy Terrell says the exuberant Pittsburgh Pirates will whip the Yankees in the World Series

This is an article from the Oct. 3, 1960 issue

24 A Four-leaf Clover in his Pocket
Eddie Arcaro carried a good luck charm in the Woodward, but his skill won the race

26 Al and Kingpetch of Siam
With a large assist from a graduate of Stillman's Gym, a Thailander is champion of the world

28 High Game
A monarch takes an unusual hunting trip

32 One Eye on the Rose Bowl
Bob Schloredt, Washington quarterback, may lead his team to another New Year's victory at Pasadena

38 Vigil by the Sea
The surf caster's golden moments in color, plus a fisherman's story on the dark hours of the sport

53 High Tension Golf
Rex Lardner tells how anger, fear and frustration can be harnessed to change your game

58 Series Time in Another World
Japanese baseball has that familiar look, but it remains wonderfully foreign

82 The Music of Baseball
Its melodies are rich, rare, even sometimes revolting, as this surprising study shows

The departments

10 Coming Events
13 Scorecard
16 Editorials
69 College Football
74 Pro Football
76 Automobiles
78 Harness Racing
94 For the Record
97 19th Hole
100 Pat on the Back

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Next week

As the 1960 waterfowl season opens, Albert Hochbaum, biologist and hunter, calls for restoration of the dwindling flocks of ducks and the waning dignity of the hunter.

Through ice, storms and loneliness, a 59-year-old skipper beat his way to New York to win the transatlantic solo race. Here is Francis Chichester's own dramatic story.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are a lively collection of fine ballplayers and interesting personalities. Some late notes on Law, Friend, Skinner, Hoak, Burgess and their colleagues.