Oct. 17, 1960
Oct. 17, 1960

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Oct. 17, 1960

World Series
  • The World Series was a battle of contrasts—between the stilettolike skills of the singles-hitting Pittsburgh Pirates and the bludgeoning home-run power of the New York Yankees. The Pirates won their games deftly, delicately, with painful little slashes and stabs. The Yankees won theirs by knocking people unconscious with large clubs

Big Ten
Shape Of '61
College Football
Pro Football
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


22 The World Series
The Pirate knife vs. the Yankee hammer, in color photography and words by Roy Terrell

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33 The Big Ten in Full Stride
Ohio State leads the way with an impressive 34-7 victory over a tough Illinois team

45 Gentle Iceman at Work
Huston Horn finds New York's once disconsolate Rangers aglow with new contentment

53 The Shape of '61
Stretch pants, adapted from the ski slopes, will turn up at poolside and patio

56 The Beauties of Belmont
Richard Meek's color pictures show why racegoing at Belmont Park is a rare experience

62 Bream, Roach and Gudgeon
Coarse fishing, normally a tranquil pursuit, produced the biggest fish-off ever at Great Yarmouth

76 Keep 'Em Down on the Farm
Catherine Drinker Bowen turns from history to a zestful report on a unique sporting family

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68 Fitness
71 College Football
74 Pro Football
93 For the Record
94 19th Hole
100 Pat on the Back

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A sports editor turned tour guide tells the hilarious story that his "members" never hear: how it feels to shepherd a bunch of Americans on a sporting journey to Europe.

In a spectacular portfolio, Robert Riger photographs and Tex Maule describes the violent world of professional football, where the biggest men are often also the best.