Oct. 17, 1960
Oct. 17, 1960

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Oct. 17, 1960

World Series
  • The World Series was a battle of contrasts—between the stilettolike skills of the singles-hitting Pittsburgh Pirates and the bludgeoning home-run power of the New York Yankees. The Pirates won their games deftly, delicately, with painful little slashes and stabs. The Yankees won theirs by knocking people unconscious with large clubs

Big Ten
Shape Of '61
College Football
Pro Football
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


12—John Sadovy
18—Harry Merrick, Moulin Studio, Hal Swiggett-San Antonio Express, Bob Ruskauff, Bob Miller
22—Neil Leifer
24, 25—Marvin E. Newman, Neil Leifer
26, 27—John G. Zimmerman
28, 29—Herb Scharfman
33-35—Lee Balterman
40—Bob Gomel—LIFE
45-58—Jerry Bookhout
63, 65—Derek Bayes
71—Detroit News
94—Walter Bennett
96—John G. Zimmerman
99—Charles J. Belden
100—Garrett Howard

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