14 The Bucs Went All the Way!
One of the most exciting games in baseball history ended an unforgettable World Series

20 Backlash in the Breakers
The world's best wave riders test themselves in the wicked surf that bursts on Makaha Beach. In color

25 The Violent Face of Pro Football
In a portfolio of remarkable photographs, Robert Riger evokes the harsh spirit of a big, tough game

32 Zero for Eight—A Perfect Day
Novelist Cameron Hawley makes some delightful discoveries during a lone day of duck hunting

38 Light Touch at UCLA
The bright designs of a Pacific Coast nighttime cheering section glow in full and animated color

45 You're Looking at Success
Gil Rogin presents the voluble owner of pro basketball's St. Louis Hawks

50 Scouting Reports
At the start of a new NBA season, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED analyzes the eight pro teams

66 My Misguided Tour
The inside—and hilarious—tale of a sports editor who led a tourist group to Rome

The departments

10 Scorecard
12 Editorials
54 College Football
62 Food
64 Charles Goren
77 For the Record
78 19th Hole
80 Pat on the Back

Cover photograph by Robert Riger

Acknowledgments on page 77


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As college football moves to its sixth week, detailed reports on the leading games, a look at the best of the sophomores and, in color, a rainy day on two Midwest gridirons.

In a rarely beautiful and unique historical biography, Robert Cantwell reconstructs the life and times of Mark Catesby, first chronicler of America's natural wonders.

Jack Brabham, the world's best Grand Prix driver for the last two years, is an oddity among auto men: he goes as slow as he can. Kenneth Rudeen tells you the reason.