Nov. 07, 1960
Nov. 07, 1960

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Nov. 7, 1960

At The Top
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Horse Racing
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19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
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Less Room at the Top

This is an article from the Nov. 7, 1960 issue Original Layout

14 A few college learns go after the national title
17 ...while the pros watch little New Mexico State

20 Time Runs Out for Archie
Age at last catches up with "ageless" Archie Moore in the ancient city of Rome

22 The Battle of Pelee
The hunters and the hunted meet on a tight little island in a tragicomedy of scatter shot

29 Down with Gourmets
Texas Rancher Stanley Walker, late of New York, pleads for cooking that calls a spud a spud

37 Women's War for Sports
If it weren't for housewives, says this one in outraged tones, all the stadiums would be empty

40 A Splendor of Horses
Among horse shows, Toronto's "Royal" is a rich and unforgettable spectacle

49 Triumph for a Cold, Cruel Sea
Florence Chadwick's own story of her brave but futile attempt to swim the treacherous Irish Sea

68 Bobby Jones's Life with Golf
Boy genius, tempestuous star—here begins the personal story of the game's greatest master

The departments

6 Scorecard
8 Coming Events
11 Editorials
53 Horse Racing
54 Fishing
56 Hockey
58 Pro Football
60 Motor Sports
65 Football's 7th Week
85 For the Record
87 19th Hole
88 Pat on the Back

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Next week

Minnesota, looking like the powerhouse of old, meets Iowa at Minneapolis in the Big Ten's game of the year. Roy Terrell reports on Iowa's answer to the Gopher comeback.

The warm, appealing story of Wilma Rudolph, the girl who ran away with the Olympics, and of the unusual and dedicated man who stands behind her and the Tigerbelles.

Kenneth Rudeen takes a close look at young Bobby Hull, the blond Adonis of professional hockey who in two seasons has sparked the moribund Chicago Black Hawks into new life.