Nov. 21, 1960
Nov. 21, 1960

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Nov. 21, 1960

Ski Equipment
Mother's Murder
Early Birds
College Football
  • A traveler who has tasted the pleasures and toured the palaces of four continents settles down for a family vacation in a house near Honolulu. There, to his delighted surprise, he discovers the happy paradox of the 50th state: East is East and West, too

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


12 The Eagle Flew Away
America's Bald Eagle was far superior to the field in Laurel's International

This is an article from the Nov. 21, 1960 issue

16 A Murder for Mother
Yale, with its best team in years, cut down Princeton's Tigers in a most humiliating fashion

22 Whammy Gambit
If looks could kill, death would be prevalent at the world chess championships

27 Our Drug-happy Athletes
Competitors in many fields are seeking lop performance in the medicine chest

40 Sportswear for the Slopes
The new ski season's clothes have a fast and fanciful look

50 Racing toward Riches
Ski Champion Tom Sailer outdoes even tennis amateurs in his successful pursuit of the dollar

58 Accent on the A Frame
Peter Blake reports on American ski chalets, and then offers sketches for an original design of his own

64 Early Birds of Sport
A bright and memory-stirring garland of antique aircraft that have been restored to the air

92 Barefoot in Kahala
A travel writer comes to rest in a Hawaiian home and finds some happy surprises

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6 Scorecard
11 Editorials
69 College Football
78 Food
83 Baseball
84 Pro Football
91 Charles Goren
105 For the Record
106 19th Hole
108 Pat on the Back

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Next week

As the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles meet, it will be Norm Van Brocklin against Charlie Conerly. Tex Maule covers their duel for the Eastern Conference lead.

Carleton Mitchell, three-time winner of the Bermuda race in his wooden yawl Finisterre, gives his evaluation of fiber glass as a structural material for ocean-going vessels.

Joe Bellino, Navy's best runner since Skip Minisi, will lead the Midshipmen against Army. Roy Terrell previews the game with a special report on the remarkable Bellino.