Sport suggests a nearly endless variety and array of Christmas gifts, as anyone can see from the selection of more than 225 gathered in a special section of this issue. Excellent choices all, it seems to me. To them I should like to add a selection of my own. These are books which have appeared, in part or in entirety, in this magazine—as fine reading this Christmas as when they were first in these pages.

PHOTOThe Pros by Tex Maule and Robert Riger, Simon & Schuster, $10. PHOTOThe Spectacle of Sport, Prentice-Hall, $15. PHOTOSports Illustrated Book of the Outdoors, Ridge Press, $12.50.
PHOTO Golf isMy Game by Robert Tyre Jones, Doubleday, $4.50. PHOTOModern Fundamentals of Golf by Ben Hogan, A. S. Barnes, $5. PHOTOTips-from the Top, Prentice-Hall, Vol. I, $3.95, Vol. II, $3.95. PHOTOBonnie Prudden's Fitness Book, The Ronald Press, $2.95. PHOTO Wind onMy Wings by Percy Knauth, Doubleday, $3.95. SIX PHOTOSThe SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Library, by the Editors: Baseball, Dog Training, Football, Horseback Riding, Small Boat Sailing, Skiing. Lippincott, each $2.95.