Dec. 19, 1960
Dec. 19, 1960

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Dec. 19, 1960

Pro Basketball
Norris' Last Stand
The Baseball Mess
Pro Football
Jack Lalanne
College Basketball
Horse Shows
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


12 Norris' Last Stand
The Norris-Carbo alliance, which ruled boxing for a decade, was verified in Washington

This is an article from the Dec. 19, 1960 issue

16 The Baseball Mess
With some help from the commissioner, Walter O'Malley rents out part of his gold mine in L.A.

20 A Step Up in the Mud
Green Bay tops the West, but Artist Robert Riger reveals what the Eagles have in store

28 A Treat and a Treatment
Television's Jack LaLanne sells liver pills and fitness to a nationwide audience

32 Clay Pigeons and Cold Sweat
A look in words and pictures at the frenzied and foolhardy men who garrison hockey's goals

43 Weep Not for the Bobwhite
Joe David Brown tells of brave men, brilliant dogs and the little bird that baffles them both

54 The Compleat Shortswinger
Even expert skiers can improve with this lesson on weight shifting

62 Fun and Games and Upness
A hilarious handbook for hosts on the latest roadway of the status seekers: the party game

The departments

9 Scorecard
48 Tennis
52 College Basketball
54 Skiing
58 Horse Shows
73 For the Record
74 Basketball's Week
75 19th Hole
76 Pat on the Back

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This is our special holiday issue, a double magazine for Christmas. It offers, as the nation awaits a new President, a perceptive look at the coming years and what may be asked of sport in American society. It relives some great moments of the Olympic year just past and delves into the colorful and timeless world of children's games. It presents the 1960 Silver Anniversary awards and the bowl game previews. Finally, it reports on a challenging and critical question for sportsmen everywhere: the issue of Pay TV.