Jan. 09, 1961
Jan. 09, 1961

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Jan. 9, 1961

Bowl Games
Sportsman Of The Year
Pro Football


12-19 The Bolws: An 8-Page Report

This is an article from the Jan. 9, 1961 issue

14 WASHINGTON: the wildest Rose of all
16 MISSOURI: happy in the Orange juice
18 DUKE: the new king of Cotton
19 MISSISSIPPI: Jake was just enough

20 The Happy Face of Pro Football
The most violent face of pro football is transformed as Bednarik lights up a cigar—and a cigarette

The Best of 1960

For his bold play and gracious spirit, the editors of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED select Arnold Palmer

A gallery of 16 athletes who, for outstanding performances during 1960, deserve special mention

Count-down for the Pros

40 NFL: A big run wins for a big defense
42 AFL: A big pass wins in a new league

44 What It Takes to Be Tops
Ohio State's Jerry Lucas led the Buckeyes to an important basketball victory over St. John's

46 Men like Gods
Alexander Eliot re-creates the spirit of ancient Greece, which gave its athletes immortality

The departments

7 Scorecard
11 Coming Events
40 Pro Football
44 College Basketball
58 Basketball's Week
59 19th Hole
63 For the Record
64 Pat on the Back

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Next week

Coles Phinizy reports from Alaska on the battle between the savers and the spoilers for the big, rough, but still very vulnerable wilderness in the 49th state.

Floyd Patterson has been a rarely seen, usually misunderstood champion. A reflective look at Floyd, in the days before Johansson beat him, reveals the inner man.

Six pages of game-action photographs in color reveal that basketball, as today's top professionals play it, is a graceful ballet, punctuated by bruising contact.