Jan. 09, 1961
Jan. 09, 1961

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Jan. 9, 1961

Bowl Games
Sportsman Of The Year
Pro Football


2—Martin Nathan
7—sketch by Bill Charmatz
8—Lynn Pelham from Rapho-Guillumette
10—Thomson Picture Service, R. A. Nettles-Charleston Evening Post
23—Richard Meek
24-26—Robert D. Huntzinger
27—Richard Meek
28, 29—Richard Meek (2), Art Rickerby-Pix (2)
30—Art Rickerby-Pix
31—Robert D. Huntzinger
34—Jay B. Leviton
35—Hy Peskin (2), Dan Weiner, John G. Zimmerman
36, 37—Jerry Cooke, John Sadovy, John G. Zimmerman (2), Arlie W. Schardt
38—Marvin E. Newman, Jerry Cooke
39—U.P.I. (2), Morris Rosenfeld, Harry Redl
40, 41—drawings by Robert Riger
42—Associated Press
46-49, 52-57—Hirmer Verlag M√ºnchen
50, 51—D. A. Harissiades
64—Cliff Preisighe

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