Man in the Muddle

Jan. 16, 1961
Jan. 16, 1961

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Jan. 16, 1961

Ted Hood
  • By William F. Talbert

    Tennis Editor Bill Talbert last week returned from Sydney, where he saw the Davis Cup Challenge Round between Australia and Italy. Here are the conclusions he has drawn from that fiasco:

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  • Too many ambitious yachtsmen are frightened away from ocean cruising by a lubberly supposition: that those who go down to the sea in small ships must also go down to meals composed exclusively of hardtack or stale sandwiches. Not so. Carleton Mitchell, skipper of the cruising yawl "Finisterre," three times winner of the Newport-Bermuda Race and a man with a discriminating palate, herewith suggests the proper way to stock a well-found ship's galley before putting to sea

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Man in the Muddle

A drumming storm passing through Copenhagen recently made it appear that in northern Europe, at least, the rains fall mainly on the Danes. The storm, however, failed to cancel a scheduled soccer game or dampen the ardor of one heroic goalkeeper. Like a homesick clam high-shelling it for a mud flat, he dived headlong into the ooze of the field to stop a goal-bound ball. He didn't succeed, but he did come up feeling goo all over.

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