The young explorer

Jan. 23, 1961
Jan. 23, 1961

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Jan. 23, 1961

Ski Machine
Kiwi And Kid
  • By Arlie W. Schardt

    A continent apart, two natural phenomena detonated the indoor track and field season. At Portland, Ore. a New Zealand Olympic winner cut 12 seconds off the indoor two-mile record, while at Boston, in another two-mile, a 17-year-old Canadian schoolboy upset a veteran field

Desert Debacle
Oldest Freshman
The Crosby
Motor Sports
College Basketball
Bobby Fischer
  • The best young chess players in the world are Americans, and the best American is 17-year-old Bobby Fischer. Most experts believe he will soon become the best player alive. A few think he is likely to be the best who ever lived. Now a four-time U.S. champion and the youngest Grand Master in history, Fischer plays a daring, sometimes wild game. With it he may break Russia's long monopoly of the chess championship of the world

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back

The young explorer

At 9 months a baby is like an explorer setting out from some snug harbor to discover the unknown. For the first time he takes leave of the protective enclosure of his mother's arms to inspect on his own distant goals heretofore only suspected. The fears that might occur to an older child (or a more cautious adventurer) are dispelled by the baby's unconquerable interest. As 9-month-old René Pouteau demonstrates here, this curiosity, under proper guidance (SI, May 2, et seq.), is a potent force in the development of his body.

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Climbing alone up ironing-board hill after a toy, baby learns to put lower back and leg muscles to work in new directions.

Descending on his own is new and thrilling experience which tests arm, shoulder, chest muscles—and his courage as well.

Hand-walking gives baby a thrill evidenced by his happily pointed toes. A fearful baby's toes would be curled tight.

Twisting handstand gives baby a new view of the world, flexes lower back, hips. This action is opposite to sitting twist.

Seesawing with mother is a fascinating new pastime that increases flexibility of back and hamstrings, is fun for both.

Arching provides happy relaxation and an excellent opportunity to learn good sports form, exercise shoulders and back.